Wells Gray Park & Activities

Green Mountain is a feature at the south end of Wells Gray Provincial Park. A 4 km gravel road off of Clearwater Valley Road leads up this mountain to a viewing tower that overlooks the south end of the Park. Green mountain cottage is situated on the foot of Green Mountain surrounded by wilderness. 

The Park embraces a narrow corridor of private land which Green Mountain Cottage is part of. Wells Gray Park features more than 600.000 acres of protected wilderness with lots of different types of terrain and volcanic features that can be accessed by Clearwater Valley Road and a variety of long and short trails.  According to B.C. Parks, Wells Gray contains over 700 species of vascular plants, over 200 species of mushrooms, 56 species of mammals and 219 species of birds. This park is home to grizzly bearswhite-tailed deerbeavermoosemule deerblack bear, timber wolf and many more.

There are endless opportunities for outdoor lovers to enjoy this unique wilderness area.

Wells Gray is a great place to spend your holidays. Explore nature on the back of a horse, by paddling on Clearwater lake or river, hike the wonderful trails and visit the stunning waterfalls. Helmcken Falls is one of the tallest waterfall in Canada. 

Here are a few recommendations for your outdoor activities:



  • Snowshoeing

  • Crosscountry skiing

  • Hiking

  • Wildlife watching

Find general information about Wells Gray Provincial Park here.

View to Pyramid Mountain
Wells Gray Wildernis Adventure
Wells Gray Park - Clearwater BC - Wilder
Green Mountain Wells Gray View - Lookout
Wells Gray Park - Clearwater BC - Kanada
Green Mountain Cottage - Clearwater BC -
Westernriding in Wells Gray Park (c)susa
Murtle River & Pyramid Mountain
Westernriding in Wells Gray
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Wells Gray Park - Clearwater BC - Kanada